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Diary of a novice fishkeeper – Look what Santa brought me!

Posted by Dave on

As the marketing man for Pace, I’m responsible for the website, the blog posts and the weekly club emails – you’re welcome!

The team feed me the information and, as they are the aquatics experts, they check everything for accuracy before I publish it.

Well they’ve now decided that it’s about time that I dipped my toes in the water (not literally of course) and got myself into the hobby and I think that’s probably a good idea too. As it happened a second-hand Juwel Rio 125 became available for a knock-down price of a case of beers – I know, what a lucky boy I am!

The aquarium has been duly delivered and set up and I thought it would be a good idea to write a series of blog posts on my journey from absolute beginner to (hopefully) someone with a bit of fishy knowledge and authority.

Here’s the basic aquarium. It comes with a built in filter and heater as with all Juwel aquariums. The sand substrate came with the aquarium and was cleaned and laid in the bottom of the tank. The only other thing that came with it was the background image of rocks and plants.

The basic aquarium with a sand substrate

The basic aquarium with a sand substrate

The tap water was treated with Tetra AquaSafe to remove the chlorine and other unsavoury chemicals, making the water suitable for fish and plants. Even though it would be a while before fish would be added I filled the tank to the top, turned on the aquarium heater and waited for the water to heat up to the correct temperature. It took a few hours to clear but once the sand had settled down to the bottom I was impressed with the clarity of the water.

I want to make my mark on the aquarium as soon as possible so my first job was to select some rocks that I had and place these on the sand at the bottom. Before I could do so, they were scrubbed clean with hot water and then left to soak in hot water for a while so that I could be sure they weren’t contaminated in any way.

Adding a few rocks already lifts the appearance of the aquarium

Adding a few rocks already lifts the appearance of the aquarium

Whilst I was told to be patient regarding the addition of fish, I could put plants in ASAP. So I’m going to get some good quality aquarium plants as soon as I can so that it really begins to take shape. I’ll keep you updated on my progress in my next blog post.