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Eheim Eccopro 300 (2036)

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    Product Description

    The Eheim range of ecco external filters are an upgraded simple to operate and self priming version of the Eheim classic filter range.

    The filter is designed to sit next to or underneath the aquarium which allows for easy cleaning. The ecco pro 300 filter has a prefilter which collects mechanical dirt particles, preventing early clogging of the biomedia therefore guaranteeing longer intervals between cleaning. The filter comes complete with three different types of media, coarse and fine foam pads, 3 litres of Substrat Pro and a carbon filter pad. Accessories include 2 shut of valves, rigid and flexible pipe for removing the water from the aquarium to the filter and the returning the clean water to the aquarium.

    Once the filter has been assembled and pipe work connected the carrying handle is closed priming the filter and filling with aquarium water, the filter can now be turned on. Maintenance of the filter is quick and easy, with the taps turned off and released the handle is opened allowing the pump unit to be cleaned and the removal of the filter media baskets for cleaning.


    • Aquarium size up to 300l
    • Pump output approx. 750l/h
    • Delivery head approx 1.9m Hmax
    • Power consumption 8w
    • Canister volume 5.0l
    • Filter volume 3.1l
    • Dimensions 205x416H


    • Compact design
    • Easy to use
    • Prefilter
    • Triple filtration
    • Includes Eheim filter media and accessories
    • Self priming system
    • Filter baskets for easy filling of filter media
    • Quick release of pump head for cleaning
    • Improved filtration performance
    • Longer intervals between cleaning
    • 3yr guarantee

    Suitable for these fish types

    • Coldwater
    • Tropical
    • Marine

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    Product Reviews

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    1. Very reliable

      Posted by Andy on 27th Mar 2017

      Cheaper than the pro range however works fine, I have 5 running on 2 Tanks (overstocked) and no issues with leaks etc. Care needs to be taken with the handle as can easily break (broke 2) but parts are cheap. Very quite and easy to clean and maintain.